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Children's Religious Education

Catechesis for children presents His teachings, His ministry, and the major events of His life. Children can begin to appreciate the parables of Jesus and capture glimpses of the Kingdom of God; they can learn more formal prayers; and they can commit brief passages of Sacred Scripture to memory. Catechesis for the Sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation and of the Eucharist is ordinarily provided in these early years of schooling.

At Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Military Catholic Community, we are committed to establishing a grounded foundation in our children’s Catholic faith. Please visit our CRE page to learn more about the program.

Family Faith Formation

“God is always faithful and creative, …and creativity is the pillar of being a catechist.” – Pope Francis at the International Conference of Catechists, September 27, 2013

Faith Formation is an integral part of the life and mission of each baptized Catholic (Mt 28:19-20). As we grow in faith our relationship with Jesus Christ deepens and our response as disciples and witnesses encourages others to grow in faith too. 

Faith Formation

Children’s Religious Education Program (CRE)

Our religious education program uses materials and resources that implement the Archdiocesan Religious Curriculum Guide promulgated in August 2013 by his Excellency, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, J.C.D., for use in the Archdiocese of the Military Services, USA (AMS): “The purpose of this guide is to provide a standard instrument for ensuring that the faith is taught in a complete, systemic and consistent way in the Catholic faith communities in the Archdiocese.” Click on the link to enroll in the 2023 program:

Religious Education & Faith Formation


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